Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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Lindqvist Voltige

Høje Taastrup Blvd 104 
DK-2630 Taastrup 
+45 3089 5264

One-man business 
Established in 2012


When purchasing items from Lindqvist Voltige, you have the following options for payment:

Bank transfer and MobilePay

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, MobilePay or Swipp, your order will be shipped, when the payment is received. However, if the payment is not received within 10 banking days after the purchase, the order will be cancelled. The account details needed for payment, will appear on the order confirmation. PayPal It is possible to pay with credit card through


The amount of money will immediately be transferred to PayPal, and first when the order is shipped, the money will be drawn from PayPal.


The amount of money will first be drawn when the order is placed.


Orders from Lindqvist Voltige are delivered through the chosen carrier to the desired delivery address.

During the process of purchasing an item, you will get to choose among available delivery options, for your order.

Normally an order with items in stock will be served in one to two weekdays after the payment is received. Additionally the carrier needs about one to five weekday to ship the order.
Delivery items are delivered within 8 weeks.

You can also choose to come and pick up your order at the next possible Danish competition. Normally we are present at all Danish competitions, but contact us in advance, to be sure that your order is ready, for the competition, where you need it. It is also possible to pick up the order at Lindqvist Voltige in Lyngby, as long as you call in advance, and make an appointment.

Right of Cancellation

Our customers have 14 days of right to cancellation.

The right of cancellation expires 14 days after the day you:

– receive your order.

– receive the last part of an order, when multiple items are ordered at once, but can't be shipped altogether at the same time.

If you wish to use your right of cancellation, you must inform us as quickly as possible after receiving your order.


You must send your order back to us without unnecessary delay and at latest 14 days after you informed us, that you want to cancel your purchase. You will be paying the direct expenses regarding the returning of the item.

It is your responsibility that the item is securely wrapped, and you carry the full responsibility for the item from the time you receive it until it is returned and received by us.

If the item is not returned in a condition as new, you will only receive the amount of the purchase price, that the item can be resold for. Note: Specially designed items (e.g. tights you chose your own colours and/or stripes for, leotards that you chose your own design for/colours for) are denoted 'specieskøb'. This means, that the right of cancellation does not apply. In some cases, we might accept a return of the item though. In case of accepted return, only a fraction of the original price may be returned.


There are 24 months of warranty on all items bought at Lindqvist Voltige. It is required that the complaint is legitimate, and that the defect did not occur due to incorrect use of the product, or other damage inflicting behaviour.

You must file your complaint within a 'reasonable amount of time' after you discovered the defect in the product. If you file your complaint within two months after the defect is discovered, the complaint will be in time.

In case the complaint is legitimate, your (reasonable) freight charges will be refunded. Remember to get a receipt on your freight charges.


To make an agreement, we need the following information:

Phone number 
E-mail address

We register your information in order to being able to send the order to you. Your information will be registered and saved at Lindqvist Voltige for five years.

The information stored is encrypted. The information will in no way be sent or sold to a third party, and we register no personal details.

As a registered costumer at Lindqvist Voltige, you always have the right to take exception to the registration. You also have the right to gain insight into which information that is registered about you. You have these rights by the Personal Data Protection Act, and enquiry regarding this matter, should be levelled at Lindqvist Voltige.