Washing Instructions

To ensure that the vaulting clothing keeps its colours and fit, the following instructions should be followed.

  • Wash the clothes inside out
  • 30 °C in a washing machine at a gentle cycle
  • Do not wash by hand
  • Use a mild liquid detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Centrifugation should be at 900-1200 rpm. (If there are strong colour contrasts, higher centrifugation can be used to prevent the colours flowing together)
  • Allow the clothes to air dry, with suits on hangers
  • Do not leave wet clothing in the machine

Unitards should be washed quickly after each use, as dirt and sweat can damage the fibers in the fabric.

If the clothing have fabric with a coating (foils, glitter or holo), does require extra care, as this fabric is sensitive to friction, sweat, perfume, deodorant and chemicals in eg fabric softener.
The intensity of of the glitter will decrease a little by each wash.